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Announcement from the Student Loan Fund event

2023-07-10 14:36:16

Announcement from the Student Loan Fund event

I would like to announce #additional disciplines that have been approved to lend in the DSL system are as follows: Students wishing to apply for a student loan fund (Kor Sor.) in the academic year 2023, both new / old, change of level of education / transfer of educational institutes / change of curriculum, 1st year and other years (who borrowed for the first year from Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University)

Students can now apply for loans through the DSL system.

Ask students to take action and continuously check the results of loan approval from the NGO. If a document is edited, students will be able to make corrections quickly. and keep up with the timeline specified by the Sor Sor.

***When student loans are approved, wait for the announcement of the next step***

For subjects that are unable to apply for a loan in the DSL system

Students are encouraged to follow announcements from the University Student Loan Fund event. If it can be implemented, it will be announced to students later.

Courses that can now be operated in the DSL system


DOWNLOAD forms and examples of filling out documents


You can study the route to get the document checking service before importing the DSL system as the details attached here.

Student Loan Fund Jobs Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

Tel. 02 160 1354 , 02 160 1528