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Erotic Art MUSEUM

2023-06-06 14:06:55

Erotic Art MUSEUM

Type : Sex

           Erotic Art (Erotic Art), the concept of creating works with gender, which is the basis of human natural needs, which every society can express more or less differently. Erotic art is infiltrated in every society and every class. In which the content is explicitly simulating sexual forms, nakedness, making love, erotic art is therefore an art that has cultural and historical values that have passed in each era. was seen as an eyesore It is indecent and an incitement to rape and prostitution. make some groups of the old and the new generation But there are still some new generations who have given new perspectives to people in society. Through works of art and how useful it would be if we put them in a place of value and admiration, both from the viewer's point of view and the artist's point of view.
          Let's talk about erotic art. The first thing we will take into account is Pictures are naked, but the real stimulus is love. There are many gestures of love or expression. therefore bringing a hug or a hug as a building concept in the design of the CONCAVE ARC OF EROTIC concept The first idea was to use curves to express emotions through buildings. In addition, curves are often used for anything that requires Rexy. Curves, but also other objects, such as buildings or cars, if trimmed or decorated in a concave shape. It always feels sexy at the same time, so the use of curves is suitable for anything that needs flashiness, liveliness and imagination.
          In project design The design concept is to use architecture to tell the story of the genre of erotic art. The design of the building has brought lines from shapes and curves from expressing emotion to the building. The structure is designed in accordance with the building shape. The connection of each story is told through the era of each type of art. can be sorted in order: Literature and Literature world heritage and artifacts Beliefs from all over the world History of erotic art and contemporary art

Composer : Mr. Chakrapan Thephangthiam