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2023-06-06 14:15:43


Type: Sex

          In today's world, genders are diverse and always changing. very diverse It is an important issue that society must understand and realize more acceptance. Because LGBT people face problems of inequality and prejudice against them. More understanding and acceptance of LGBT+ LGBT+ people in Thai society
         The concept of opening a book page by page for LGBT+ people to learn understand yourself step by step to gain confidence to be oneself, including enhancing understanding for the general public It's like coming inside a book where the pages are about gender diversity and the project is also linked to the 100-year Chulalongkorn Park, which is a green area and doing activities for people.
Learning centers that are the same group are not separated like a book. to impart knowledge understanding for people in the project          learning that travels through parts contiguous same as opening book page by page To precipitate, understand, accept each other more. and the LGBT group will have self-knowledge More confidence, ready to express yourself to a society with understand each other better Because if the pages of the book are missing, it's like knowledge. with exposure Mistakes cause controversy. causing misunderstandings that affect learning
         The concept of planning takes into account the main objectives at the heart of the project. learning part which, according to the purpose of the project, is to be a point of understanding between people in Society and the LGBT community Plus the aspect of the gender diversity clinic that will make the LGBT group he has. Examine yourself so he gains confidence. When people from all parts within the project understand, can talk to each other without negative bias and the LGBT group has confidence. He was able to come out and perform. Self-confidence is assertive in a space where everyone understands each other in terms of sexual activity that will It is a part where everyone can do activities together fully and have positive energy.

Organizer: Ms. Thanyalak Khamwong