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2023-05-30 14:39:46


Type: Commercial

     If talking about the music industry It is another industry that is very interesting because it is packed with people who are passionate about music who practice their special skills. until being able to play those songs Let the listeners listen happily. Exciting, fun, hilarious. The "music industry" consists of companies and individuals making money. by making music ,concert ticket sales, VD0 sales, music composition etc. Those who operate in this industry are songwriters, singers, musicians, conductors and band leaders, who help organize and present. Live music performances such as sound engineer, music venue supporter, etc.
     Movie town in the heart of Pathumranee, the city that never sleeps, the distribution center of Bangkok's rice bowl Therefore creating to be a source of creative distribution in the entertainment circle, creating a community of movie town and experiencing the Fell the rhythm of the music. The design focuses on modern convenience as a creative place. Content for creators and has the concept that everyone is a creator can use the space to create works according to the creative thinking cycle.

Organizer: Ms. Thanyarat Tubtim