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congratulations Ajarn Jetkamjorn Phromyothi

2023-08-28 15:51:04

College of Architecture Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

congratulations Ajarn Jetkamjorn Phromyothi

on the occasion of being honored as a national artist

2022 in Visual Arts (Urban Planning Architecture)

word of honor http://www.culture.go.th/culture_th/images/akasit/6512.pdf

          College of Architecture Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Honored by Mr. Jetkamjorn Phromyothi, former president of the Architect Council is an outside expert in reviewing the thesis work of the 5th year students in the field of architecture in conjunction with a qualified special lecturer and faculty members of the college From the academic year 2019 (first graduate) to the present
          In addition, it was an honor for him to attend an online seminar under the topic of Cross Culture Online Seminar 1 with the purpose of exchanging academic and professional knowledge. especially in conservation, architectural rehabilitation and urban planning between Rattanakosin Island area, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia in collaboration with college faculty members and Faculty of Design and Architecture from University Putra Malaysia from Malaysia