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Wellness Resort and Tourism In Chiang Mai

2023-05-30 15:45:09

Wellness Resort and Tourism In Chiang Mai

Type: Residential

     Resorts are an ever-increasing destination for travelers around the world. It is a place for rest or recreation. It is a place that has facilities for guests, including food, accommodation, sports, entertainment and health tourism shopping centers. This is another interesting form of tourism. Ready to create experiences and good memories for everyone in the family during their vacations. It also ensures the safety of the place without worrying about various diseases such as Covid-19 because the resort has a very good measure and protection.
     Applied Thai house is the definition of the concept of the project. It will bring out the outstanding parts of local architecture such as the acute angle roof. wooden building Combined with the highlights of modern architecture, such as the use of cement as a material. window hole making wooden façades to decorate the project with natural forest wood give a feeling of calm relax your body and mind.

Organizer: Mr. Krisada Chotthaweepol