History College of Architecture

Being a former Architectural Branch of Faculty of Industrial Technology with its origin in the year 2014, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University announced the establishment of College of Architecture later on September 28, 2016.  This is with regard that  architecture is a subject  with an increasing demand.  To be specific, the architectural profession is among the top growing 7 professional service sectors. The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Architects have the opportunity to work across ASEAN countries, marking an even more increasing demand for architects in the future, such that the Architectural Branch was proposed to become College of Architecture.

We are the first College of Architecture in the Rajabhat University system.  To meet an increasing demand of students and parents, this shall contribute to future development of the country.   The main role of the college is to provide teaching and learning experience, as well as to support , pioneer and promote the academic research and development of personnel in the field.   

The College of Architecture offer curriculums for both undergraduate and graduate levels with an aim for academic excellence.  The objective is as well to serve as a resource pool of knowledge and information.  It is under a supervision of professional management team of staff with rich experience in architectural and related fields. To broaden the growth of architectural sector of the country, the College of Architecture are on the process of offering additional majors i.e. Interior Architecture, Architecture Landscape, Architects Planning, and Construction Management.  In order to present to the University Council for approval, the program administration of "College of Architecture" is designed to show detailed structure of the organization as well as the reasons and necessities, vision, mission, objectives, and college administration information.  This also includes the followings.