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Art and Craft Culture Center Chiang rai

2023-06-06 15:01:42

Art and Craft Culture Center Chiang rai

Type : Culture

          Chiang Rai is the province with the largest and most diverse range of artists who create art in Thailand, and Chiang Rai artists have created artistic spaces that have become social institutions. In the area of their own home to have their own special characteristics with a way of reflecting attitudes beliefs and values as well as reflecting their own works of art In addition, Chiang Rai Province has a policy to support Chiang Rai as Chiang Rai is the city of art
          Therefore, the Chiang Rai Arts and Crafts Center project uses the main concept of design with a meaning that reflects "Khuang Khua, unified way of life, art, and culture" into 3 elements. vernacular architecture, handicrafts, and art to adapt to the identity, creating a curved shape. Oblique and straight lines to design the shape of the building. and developed in accordance with the surrounding context of the project by the area of the Kok River thus becoming a building with It has three independent shapes, resulting in a design of the building envelope that reflects the concept and uses it to suit the context and to create beauty, including the reflection of Lanna architecture and local materials.

Composer : Mr. Chatpawit Suisakul