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Museum of Contemporary Thai-Japanese Art

2023-06-06 15:09:11

Museum of Contemporary Thai-Japanese Art

Type : Culture

          It is a joint project of the Thai and Japanese governments to foster cooperation in the arts and strengthen international relations. by the main function of the project is to promote international exchange of works of art through the policy of support of the Japanese government. In addition to being able to bring Thai artworks to spread abroad, there can also be Japanese artworks to be exhibited in Thailand as well, and another duty is to support next artists. New people who want to show their works to the public with the promotion and support in these two ways will be able to allow the art circle in Thailand to go wider and reach people's hearts, resulting in the works of art: more valuable
          Since the project is an international collaboration to create this art museum. Thus, there are three big nodes in operation which can be converted into functions as shown in the picture. The connection between the nodes creates a triangular geometry which can be applied in the design of the building form including its components, layout, mass, form and details of the building.

Composer: Mr. Sorakrit Satranon