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Kaew chao chom Swimming Sports Center

2023-01-13 15:35:30

"Kaew Chao Chom Swimming Sports Center Project"

 (Kaew chao chom Swimming Sports Center)

Design works of 4th year students (5 year program) in Architecture College of Architecture with architectural design course 7 semester 1/2022

Ms. Juthamas Jetsit

Mr. Jetsadaporn Sawat Jirapong

Mr. Nutchanon Promkhunthong

Mr. Peeranut Thanamaspoonsap

Teaching team for 4th year students in Architecture Everyone practiced architectural design under the name "Kaew chao chom Swimming Sports Center Project" by allowing students to design according to the relevant theory.

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Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Nakhon Pathom Campus