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Co-working Space Start Up Chiangmai

2023-05-30 14:28:28

Co-working Space Start Up Chiangmai

Type: Commercial

     Chiang Mai is a province with cool weather. therefore bringing air to help in saving energy in the air conditioner Designed to have a zone that is open to the wind. When the weather is good and Chiang Mai is a city where startups All over the world want to live here. therefore designing an office co-working space to have enough space for them New startups that will come up and use the word co work space as a link to listen to different levels of the project. And connect people who come to use the project and in the design of the facade, the lines come from the roof of the Lanna temple in Chiang Mai. bring old Come to present in a new way to be more modern.
     It is therefore the idea that working or starting a business You don't have to live in Bangkok. anymore because in Bangkok There is already a large number But the demand is not limited to Bangkok. There will still be in the districts that will happen again. Therefore, we consider important cities that people are interested in. The second most important city after Bangkok is Chiang Mai.

Organizer : Mr. Thirawit Thiengtas