Policy College of Architecture

Policy of College of Architecture

Management1. Promote the use of good governance principles in corporate management to lead to the well-being of the organization as a whole.
2. Create processes and mechanisms for faculty and personnel development to achieve the highest achievement in the career path.
3. Support, promote, maintain the identity of the university
4. Apply the concept of competency to develop personnel By focusing on performance assessment for individual development
5. Encourage personnel to set academic positions
academic1. Promote teaching and learning that focuses on learners To improve the quality and potential of teachers Cultivate knowledge, love,   unity and awareness of duty To strengthen one's spirit, being a teacher with love, compassion for students
2. Promote and develop the curriculum of teaching and learning to have quality according to the needs of society and meet 

   international standards.
3. Promote and support the development of professors and personnel to be architectural professionals To develop their own potential 

   and affect student development Provide quality
4. Plan and coordinate with experts between internal and external agencies to develop students in teaching and professional 

   experience training.
5. Promote academic Provide academic support to teachers in the production of To allow teachers to disseminate knowledge Through 

   writing, producing
Student development1. Develop students to be graduates with desirable  characteristics according to the university's identity. So that students  can Living 
  with society and able to live happily
2. Develop academic  students both inside and outside the curriculum In order to increase  knowledge and to students Have the 

   opportunity to coordinate academic  concepts with real conditions That has been seen by studying field trips  in the field trip 
3. Develop and promote academic  competition For students to gain experience from a variety of learning  and increase academic 

   skills Along with the application Knowledge that  will strengthen academic Ready to enter the labor market
4. Promote  student activities by working with the College of Architecture students.  Focus on the development of students to have 5 

   aspects of graduate  qualifications Namely knowledge in skills, thinking, skills,  interpersonal relationships, analytical and 
   communication skills Moral  and ethical development
research1. Encourage the field of research to be produced in the  classroom. Research and teaching at least 1 subject per semester /  semester
2. Support and encourage teachers and personnel to study,  research and produce research results continuously and allocate budget 

   to conduct research projects. To teachers and personnel By focusing on  all personnel at least 1 research project per year
3. Supporting the  budget for the publication of academic publications in both national and  international journals And published in 

   academic journals both at home  and abroad
4. Promote and encourage the use of patented petty patent  works by supporting the work process Request for a patent And support 

   the budget In applying for a patent Including awarding patents And the presentation of the work and the prize in the meeting
5.  Find funding sources and external agencies that wish to support  research operations for professors and personnel to create 

   cooperation  and produce research results.
Academic services1. Promote and support for academic services in architecture that can provide academic services and be accepted by society.
2. Create a network of academic knowledge exchange in architecture
3.  Develop information systems to promote Academic services about research  And disseminate useful information Including communication with  students, teachers Personnel and individuals
Arts and culture1. Promote and encourage all disciplines to make plans for dissemination of works of art and culture according to the aptitude of
   each subject
2. Public relations and proactive management to disseminate the architectural work of professors and students The goal is to create a 

   good image. And create a name for the colleges and universities
3. Develop information systems to promote cultural preservation. Including communication with students, teachers, personnel and the 

   general public